The “conservation community”

There’s some lively discussion taking place over at Ralph Maughan’s blog regarding the direction of what many people still refer to as the “conservation community.” The subverting of conservation groups’ agendas by industry by, especially in the East, the resource extraction trade associations and companies and in the West by the livestock outfits and their corporate chamber-of-commerce-clone mouthpieces has and continues to marginalize and sink mainstream conservation groups (as Robert Hoskins so perfectly notes in this series of comments).

The wisdom and words of Aldo Leopold have largely been forsaken by groups and individuals that should, instead, be enshrining the land ethic that the conservation pioneer wrote so eloquently about. Too often, the hunt for foundations’ dollars becomes the objective — at the expense of real conservation.

The conservationist Dave Foreman wrote succintly about the consensus-building approach and “compromise” in this excellent essay from 2005.

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